Monday 22 June 2015

Skellig (Mr. Gil, 2010)

Ex-members of Polish band Collage definitely have a busy life. Guitarist Mirek Gil, for example, founded both Believe (see in this blog) and Mr. Gil, two very different bands, as the first ones bring on a traditional neo-prog music, while the latter released some unpredictable albums. "Skellig" is the title song of Mr. Gil's second studio work and is a keyboard-free album. Here Mirek's guitars are the leading instruments, especially his deaming electric guitar, mixing Hackett's and Gilmour's ways... not to mention Rothery's!

Each album by Mr.Gil has its own taste... that's why I like them!

The rythm section is also very good: in this song both drummer Wojtek Szadkowski and bassist Przemas Zawadzki contribute to the big picture with their neat and discreet work. Finally, the warm vocals by Karol Wroblewski match with the sensitive and emotional melodies. I also appreciate that the lyrics here are in the band's native language: this stresses the confidential mood of the track and adds a natural, inner side to this beautiful prog ballad.

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