Monday, 15 June 2015

Icarus (Rael, 1992)

Oh yes, we all know who Rael is, so you won't be surprised to know that Rael were a Genesis and other prog icons tribute band from Argentina since 1985. Finally, they also released an album of original songs in 1992 called "Máscaras Urbanas " (that's "Urban Masks" in English). As you can easily imagine, their sound is tsrongly influenced by the Charterhouse pupils, but these tracks are pleasant and packed with emotions. The lead singer (and drummer!) Ignácio Rodríguez has a voice that's somewhere between Peter Gabriel and Fish and a passionate style I appreciate very much, especially in this song, "Icarus".

Genesis fans will surely appreciate all the songs in this album.
Sung in English (the album included both Spanish and English lyrics), this is a melancholy song, with a well found melody and some charming instrumental bridges. It's more neo-prog inspired than the rest of the album, and I also think it has a fresh and easy-going touch in it, just like Marillion used to have. Unfortunately, Rael disbanded some months after the release of their album, but the French label Muséa re-released it in 1997 for the international prog fandom. If you're searching for warm and familiar prog, this is for you.

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