Tuesday 2 June 2015

Luminosity (SimpleXity, 2011)

This is a very good single release from the Egyptian band SimpleXity. They released an interesting debut EP called "Click to Start", including of course this track. It begins like a pop and catchy tune, then the electric guitar and the keyboards come in and the mood gets heavier and definitely progger. It's a fresh and lively way to approach the easy side of prog rock, but when the keyboard solo starts, followed by a rythm-driven instrumental bridge and finally a dreaming guitar solo, well, no doubt, this is progressive rock. And a good one, at that.

Hope to listen more from you... good luck, SimpleXity!

A final mention goes to Omar El-Deeb sentitive vocals and I also recommend to you all to browse the net and listen more tracks by the band. I really don't know how many acts like this one exist in the land of Pharaohs, but I'm sure there is more than meet the... ears. Anyway, these guys are worth the prog community attention, as sure as their Country is worth our respect and gratitude. Prog on, guys, prog on!

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