Friday 6 September 2013

Squonk (Genesis, 1976)

This is probably the song that proved, back in 1976, how Genesis without Peter Gabriel were still Genesis. Based on a captivating and syncopated melody and a series of guitar & key riffs, the track is full of inventions and changes. Phil Collins' drums are always there, in fast and slow passages, giving the song a special and lively soul. Obviously, Tony Banks' chords are perfect and never trivial, but this is the band's trademak, after all. 

The hunter and the squonk in "A Trick of The Tail" cover art.

Mike Rutherford's lyrics are about a strange and ugly creature belonging to the American lore, a solitary and sad animal stupidly killed by men who can't really get it, 'cause death melts its body in a pool of tears. It's a compact and well structured track, fascinating and new fot its era, destined to act as a guiding light for the neo-prog bands of the '80s and immediatly welcomed as a live favourite  by Genesis fandom. It deserves it all.

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