Thursday 26 September 2013

One Time (King Crimson, 1994)

I'm in love with this song since I first listened to. It exists in two different studio versions, the first one coming from the "Vroom" EP (1994) and the second one available in the album "Thrack" (1995). As I equally like both, I let you decide wich is your favourite one. For me, I think the "Vroom" version is warmer and I really like the sung part arrangements, while the "Thrack" one is lighter and features a more finished instrumental section. But this is just my humble opinion.

The unfolded booklet of the "Vroom" EP.

For sure, you'll find an outstanding melody in this song: both verse and chorus are so well written that I can't stand re-listening to the track two or three times in a row, something I rarely do. Adrian Belew's vocals are clean and definite as usual, let alone the rest of the band's performance (Levin, Bruford, Fripp, Gunn  and Mastellotto... kind of a wonder team!). Getting more and more experimental and metal, during the '90s the Crimson King never forgot to offer at least one or two "traditional" songs in each album. And they did very, very well. 

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