Tuesday 17 September 2013

Lost without a Trace (Wigwam, 1971)

One of the shortest tracks in this collection - just 2'29" - and one of the sweetest and warmest ballads I've ever listened to. The Finnish band Wigwam was one of the first non-Briton bands to release fully progressive albums between 1970 and 1971 and they're worth more than a single listening. This "Lost without a Trace" from their third album "Fairyport" isn't among their most celebrated songs, but I'm charmed by its muffled atmosphere and the effective, simple arrangement including piano and acoustic guitar.

Wigwam's line up circa "Fairyport" era.

When I need a little rest I put on this track and I'm gently carried away in an old and cosy drawing room, in a winter fadind day, warmed by a lively fire. The melody is really beautiful, Jukka Gustavson's voice is pleasant and sensitive and after all nothing so complicated than setting up a plain song. I highly recommend this after a progressive epic track...

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