Wednesday 11 September 2013

Jeszcze jeden dzień (Collage, 1990)

There's a long debate among prog rock fans about this theme: can a good prog song be done lasting less than 5 minutes? I think Collage provided a very good and positive reply to this in their debut album "Basnie" with the song I'm introducing here, "Jeszcze jeden dzien" ("One More Day" in English). It's an energetic and compact opening track, including all the quintessential neo.prog features: splendid keys, wall of sound, catchy melody, good vocals, instrumental bridges, enthralling riffs and so on. Plus, no prolixity.

I recommend the 2003 remastered edition of "Basnie".

The musical ideas are well developed without any pointless loss of time, just the essential in the right place and time. You feel the joy of building up a song and performing it, you're dragged inside the band's mood and you don't need any further trwirls: the song is complete and perfectly done. This fast tempo track will always be one of my favourite Polish prog songs ever.

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