Saturday, 7 September 2013

Allons z'enfants (Mona Lisa, 1977)

This track, the 6 minute opening song from "Le Petit Violon de Monsieur Gregoire" is probably my favourite one in Mona Lisa's production. Simple as it may appear, it's full of pleasant surprises and original musical tricks. The theatrical vocal performance and the keyboard background are the first features capturing the listener's attention, but there more than this... 

Philippe Huart graced the album with this beautiful cover.
There's a fully melodic theme I adore, a rich and complex rythmic section, a spelndid guitar / keys dialogue, some clever tempo changes, so many variations on the martial tone, and that spendid bass line towards the end of the song! Rock and mellow were never so well together. There's a naive and young energy in this song, I think it captures the spirit of the prog golden era, the will to go beyond the usual rock music, in search of something beautiful and new.

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