Saturday 14 September 2013

Leave It Where It Can Stay (Machiavel, 1976)

"Leave It Where It Can Stay" was the closing track of Machiavel's self named debut album, released in 1976. I immediatly liked it when I first listened to it and I know this could be because of some sections of the song reminiscent of this or that prog band, but there is more than this. I really like the slow and solemn rythm of this track and I also appreciate its melody, a very sensitive one. If nothing's really new in this 8'30" composition, I daresay nothing's out of place.

I never liked this cover, the music inside is far better.

If the first sung part is a good one, sort of a sad ballad, the second and final one, a long instrumental ruled by a slightly acid guitar solo, is a real treat. True, some real life effects (a door opening on a windy weather) sound strange, but Jack Roskam's guitar is so dreamy and so sincerely sad and Albert Letecheur's keys are so sweet that I can't resist and restart the track. Well, Iìm probably gone nuts, but this Belgian track has won my heart.

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