Thursday 19 September 2013

Life Is A Long Song (Jethro Tull, 1971)

This is one of the most loved three minute prog songs ever... and it deserves it. This gentle ballad provided an evergreen standard when it comes to prog folk, a very fruitful one. The band originally released it in the 1971 EP featuring the same name, them included it in several anthologies and compilations.

The original cover of "Life Is A Long Song" EP.
It peaked at #11 in the UK charts.

The track is certainly on Jethro Tull's soft side, but - in spite of the orchestral arrangements - it isn't a mellow one. I'd rather say it's a sweet and nostalgy song, with  lyrics wandering through sadness and hope. The short and airy refrain fades out in a guitar chord and still reminds us how that life's a long song, but the tune ends too soon for the song. Really, one can't be tired of a such a song!

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