Wednesday 25 September 2013

Depuis l'automne (Harmonium, 1975)

"Si on avait besoin d'un cinquième saison" (meaning "If We Needed A Fifth Season") is one of the best appreciated prog albums by a Non-English speaking band. And Harmonium deserve this, as the beautiful "Depuis l'automne" proves only too well. Describing the autumnal mood, this 10 minute song is a gentle ballad with long and nostalgy instrumental sections.

Some of the beautiful illustrations inside the gatefold cover of
"Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison".

Mellotron and acoustic instruments draw the warm atmosphere of the falling season adding a deep feeling of solitude and introspection that's another winning point of the song. As I like the whole song, it isn't easy for me to point out its best features, but I can't forbear to mention the long half-way instrumental passage, a real treat with its slow and winding architecture and the creative use of vocal harmonies. Definitely, a pivotal song.

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