Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ciccada (Ciccada, 2010)

This excellent instrumental is the opening track of "A Child in The Mirror", the first album of the Greek band Ciccada (a name they seem to like very much). Even if we don't enjoy here Evangelia Kozoni's beautiful voice, I recommend this "Ciccada" to every prog fans for its elegance and its balance between classical and folk roots. This, with the pleasant plot of themes and instruments, is the simple and effective secret of the song.

...And a beautiful cover too, provided by Davide Guidoni.

A Renaissance mood runs throughout the composition and meets a popular vein, resulting in kind of modern troubadours' music, to employ the very words printed inside the CD booklet. Thus, Melllotron and clarinet, bass and acoustic guitar, they all play together and if ever you feel like dancing, well, don't worry: it's another progmagic trick!

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