Wednesday 22 May 2013

Song within A Song (Camel, 1976)

I think this song represents the quintessential Camel's sound. All their typical elements are there: slow and melancholic melodies, dreaming guitar solos, wind instruments and keyboards at their best, fair tempo changes, vocal harmonies (some don't like them, I know...). All, as I said, and something more: I like here very much Andy Ward's drums: his creative patterns and his work on cymbals give to this song a crisp and lively soul. And what about the finale? Some say Camel often fail teir closing sections, I don't know that, but they certainly don't here: a little pleasant jig and some effective key arabesques perfectly carry out the task.

The cover and the music within really are as one.

The lyrics are about going to sleep and dream and leaving off the world and its problems. They're not precisely a literary masterpiece, but they fit in the song very well. If you like - as I do - the soft side of prog and dislike trivial songs, this is for you.

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