Monday, 6 May 2013

Songs from The Wood (Jethro Tull, 1977)

This is a wonderful song from a well balanced  and solid album. Showing the folkier side of Ian Anderson's band, this title track is also strongly prog-oriented for its complex structure and the outstanding richness of instruments involved. Apart from the usual flute performance, Anderson creates in this track convincing vocal harmonies, partly inspired by the English popular tradition and with a fantasy flavour. The main theme of the song is catchy, but the variations are so elaborate and diverified that the listener's attention is steadily aroused.

Let's join Ian Anderson's wildlife experience!  
The lyrics flow in the pastoral and ecological strand, but with that pinch of humour Anderson likes so much. A medieval touch not far from Sir Walter Scott's style - maybe provided also by the talents of David Palmer - finishes this very good work. What else? I'll just quote the song: Songs from the wood make you feel much better. They really do.

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