Friday, 24 May 2013

The Evening Wind (Satellite, 2003)

Some years ago a friend of mine, a classic prog fan, asked me about neo-progressive; he had just heard some Marillion and wanted to know more. I submitted this song to his attention and he was positively surprised. Satellite is a Polish band founded by members of split up Collage (there's somenting about them too in this blog), especially by drummer Wojtek Szadkowski, who also signs most of the new band's songs. Their music is exactly what neo-prog is or should be: lighter than pure synphonic rock but never trivial, never too easy or poppish. "The Evening Wind" opens the first album by Satellite, called "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset" - wow, the title itself is a challenging one! - and is a 12 minutes well written and well performed track, obviously IMHO.

You can't be wrong: this is a Mark Wilkinson's art...

The vocal themes are pleasant and rather fast tempo, keyboards provide some anthemic riffs, often duelling with guitars, while the rythm section always sustains and diversifies the track pace. Some changes from fast to low tempo are very good and remind me of best IQ's songs, with a stronger accent on airy melodies. In addiction to this, there are intriguing lyrics about the difficult transitions from sorrow to hope we all experience sooner or later. This song is like a riviving whipping of chilly breeze, the Evening wind we sometimes welcome as an old friend at the end of the day.

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