Saturday, 18 May 2013

Canto nomade per un prigioniero politico (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, 1973)

If I had to suggest one word to describe this BMS' track, this would be refinement. All is carefully planned, arranged and set up in a stunning 15 minute suite. In spite of all this accuracy, the Canto is a touching song, an emotional journey guided by Francesco Di Giacomo's sensitive vocals. There's an extraordinary range of sensations and musical genres (classical, jazzy, melodic...) and an intricate plot involving all instruments, especially keyboards, of course, with an original use of synths. Last but not least, there are beutiful melodies, among which the wonderful main theme. 

A rural photograph of BMS.

But this song is more than just Nocenzi brothers' Keys and Di Giacomo's voice: Marcello Todaro's guitars are everywhere, sometimes gently hidden in the background and sometimes out on the foreground, while Pier Luigi Calderoni provides ever changing and often unusual percussions. I can't skip some words about the beutiful Italian lyrics, a political prisoner's chant full of nostalgy and proud, but also a song against war and injustice. After all, the album was titled "Io sono nato libero", meaning I was born free, a plain manifesto. Well, did I justify my opening word refinement? I hope so.

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