Wednesday 15 May 2013

The Fisherman (RPWL, 2012)

I better like to wait some time after a new release to definitely decide a song is worth of a presentation in my blog. This case is differente, because I immediatly liked all the album "Beyond Man And Time" by the German band RPWL and especially this delicious 16 minute track. It'a rather short suite in three movements, being the first and the third the same song and theme and the second a long and fascinating mostly instrumental down tempo. Never mind the Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree smell... it smells so good I don't care where this perfume is coming from.

Thank you for the music, RPWL.

Actually, this track has some magic inside, as I think you need it in order to mix some classical and genuine prog rock with a perfectly up to date electronic music without giving birth to a Frankenstein's creature. RPWL succeed in this task thanks to a suspended atmosphere and a very careful musical architecture. In both music and lyrics I feel an inner sea and its depths, a desperate search for love and self-consciousness. If this seems too much for a song, I'm happy to inform you that all this track is an example of measure and good taste. A miracle? Maybe.

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