Wednesday 8 May 2013

Waiting Phase One (Porcupine Tree, 1996)

I admit I love Porcupine Tree's ballads, slow and acoustically driven, airy and dreamy. This one, in particular, taken from the album "Signify", is perfect in his genre, featuring a well found theme, an electric background supporting the guitar chords and a delicious electric guitar solo. As usual, the vocal performance is soft and almost careless, so moderate one could imagine the singer is just rehearsing a new tune.

Porcupine Tree circa "Signify" album era.

But this is the secret of Steven Wilson and his group: never show up, never emphasize... music is a matter of measure and shade. It's up to the listener to find the secret garden, the inner emotional world that probably lies somewhere behind each Porcupine Tree's song and certainly behind this one. So, I wish you a good hunting.

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