Thursday, 2 May 2013

Florian (Le Orme, 1979)

When Le Orme released the album "Florian", icluding this instrumental title track, their fandom had mixed feelings. A Whole LP performed only with acoustic (and classical) instruments proved to be a challenging experience for both the band and the listeners. Those who survived (I was one of them), however, were fascinated by those gentle and out of time sounds and found out this was exactly the usual Le Orme's music but with a somewhat different approach. "Florian" - titled from a famous Venitian coffee house - was by far my favourite song.

A sensitive cover art for this delightful album.

I specially appreciate there the sensitive weavings involving such instruments as violin, xylophone, piano, double bass or mandola. All is vague and lovely like in an ancient watercolor landscape. The band subsequently abandoned this style and many are those who didn't regret this "chamber music" era. I still love it. Maybe I'm definitely getting old...

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