Thursday 23 May 2013

The Prisoner (Eight by Ten) (Spring, 1971)

One of the bastions of early prog, Spring certainly were. Their only and self-titled album released in 1971 opens with this Majestic song, full of strong sensations and different inspirations. The vocal theme is rather r'n'b oriented, but the arrangements and the instruments involved are fully progressive, with that warm vibration so typical of the late '60s.

This was the Spring of prog...

Keyboards play a very important role in giving a profound and sometimes rough taste to the track, also graced by a splendid vocal performance by Pat Moran, owner of a deep and sensible voice. Some instrumental interludes enrich the song but never break its coherence. And above all, every time I listen to this track I breathe the sweet smell of progressive rock birth.

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