Sunday, 12 May 2013

Envy (Magenta, 2004)

"Seven" was and still is my favourite album by Magenta. Rob Reed, Christina and friends don't conceal their aim is to make some more music in the wake of their prog masters, the likes of Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and so on. Nonetheless, they have their own style, like in this beautiful song. This style is based on Christina's pure voice, but also in some celtic musical elements and in the spiritual vein of Steve Reed's lyrics.

"Seven" dark cover art.

"Envy" is part of a concept album exploring the seven deadly sins; really it is a well structured down-tempo and keyboards driven song, that Christina sings extremely well with her priestess-like voice. Some Genesis quotes are perfectly mixed with an airy atmosphere, somewhere in the middle between Pink Floyd and Clannad. The band became very popular after this CD. I do think they deserved this.  

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