Tuesday, 7 May 2013

In The Cage (Genesis, 1974)

Even if the album "The Lamb Lies down on Broadway" is considered ba many critics and fans as an indissoluble unit, the famous white elephant, I always liked its songs and listened to them separately. Maybe my favourite one is "In The Cage", a stunning prog song with a lot of strong points. One could mention Peter Gabriel's passionate vocals or Tony Bank's keyboards solo, but this is a "gold era" Genesis song, so there's a value added i.e. the perfect combination of five talents in one consistent product.

Peter Gabriel as Rael in "The Lamb" Tour.

Listening to this track I certainly appreciate this or that idea, this or that passage, but I mostly get emotions, strong and genuine emotions. No matter how strange and puzzling the story of Rael is, I actually sense his fear, his pain, his cries for help. I see those rocks approaching while Mike gives more volume to his bass line, I feel them pressing my own body as Phil and Steve get sharper and I can't breathe when Tony accelerates the tempo and Peter sings his stomach out. If emotion is not the only reason to love music, well, IMHO it's one of the best.

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