Monday, 20 May 2013

Visan i sommaren (Kaipa, 1978)

A very short song, maybe not among the most famous ones from Kaipa, but a perfect example of the fusion between progressive atmospheres and nordic folk elements this Swedish band perfectly knew (and sometimes still knows today). It's an aerial ballad made of wind and water, woods and ground. Don't expect here the intricate plots you'll easily find in so many other Kaipa's songs; just enjoy the calm and unswerving melody, the gentle touch of a guitar on the splendid but plain keys work. 

Kaipa in 1978. Roine Stolt was 22... far before the Flower Kings days.

The lyrics (in Swedish) perfectly fit in the music, giving an ecstatic description of an early summer sunset and as song's title means "Summer's ballad", we needn't go into further details. If I decided to present  today this song instead of all the "perfectly prog" songs I also like in the "Solo" album it's because it's made of the stuff the dreams are made of. And it lasts the time the dreams last.

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