Wednesday 1 May 2013

Since We've Been Wrong (The Mars Volta, 2009)

This eclectic and creative American band were (and still are, even after teir official parting in 2013... but who knows?) one of the most important names in the new century prog generation. Open minded, they tried all the available musical ways, but in this 7 minute song, the opening track from their 2009 album "Octahedron", their prog roots prevail all the rest.

A promo advertising for "Octahedron".

After a long, almost silent introduction provided by a single keyboards note and vaguely reminiscent of Pink Floyd, a gentle and airy ballad flows away, growing richer in arrangements and more and more intense before our very ears. Finally, as in a circle, the intro comes back as outro. I like the King Crimson-esque uncertainty of the song and the very modern sound, melting acoustic and electric instruments with the carefulness that's become the trademark of The Mars Volta. Will they come back? I hope so.

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