Tuesday 8 September 2015

Your Eyes (Hoelderlin, 1976)

I adore Hoelderlin's sweet and warm kind of prog. This song, "Your Eyes", taken from the 1976 album "Clowns & Clouds" is even more than this, featuring a slightly acid arrangement and a more experimental vein. The vaguely jazzy rythmic backgroung is highly creative and all the instruments add their own distinctive touch to this unusual song, where a classic melody meets a syncopated tempo.

"Clowns & Clouds" was the third studio album by Hoelderlin.
Of course, there is also room for some delicate and poetic moments, the ones the band is famous for. This is a brilliant example of how a bunch of good musicians can write a fully enjoyable song without any trace of banality. And what about the final violin solo? Pure gold, believe me. Once again, I recommend this song by Hoelderlin to all my progressive friends out there.

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