Friday 25 September 2015

Le matin du premier jour (Triangle, 1972)

Triangle were rather successful during the transitional era between beat and prog, when they adopted an eclectic approach to music. Their vocal harmonies and their catchy tunes went on very well with a series of less usual musical solutions. This song (in English: "The First Day Morning"), taken from their second album called "II", is a good example of their flower power and melodic way... and also featured a special guest: Jean-Michel Jarre!

This album is often called "Viens avec nous", from its hit single.

Yes, our keyboard hero added some electronic effects to this acoustic ballad, creating a lysergic mix that's more '70s than the '70s themselves! As usual with Triangle, there is a Canterbury sound taste floating about, but Jarre's contribution puts in a sci-fi mood that strangely matches with the other ingredients of such a weird recipe. A musical time machine...

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