Friday 18 September 2015

Somewhere Out There (The Home Guard, 2015)

Frankly, I was immediately surprised by this song when I first listened to it. I mean pleasantly surprised. It's a rather long track full of the most British rainy melancholy and also packed with the sparkling kind of energy that only the youngest good bands can put into music and words. The duo behind the challenging name of The Home Guard create a double sided kind of music, a fascinating mix of essential pop-rock and polished progressive rock, a combination some other 2010s British bands also tried to offer.

This song comes from the album "Nature vs Nurture vs Nietzsche".
Oh my... I'll never be able to pronounce that correctly!

Here, however, there's more than this, yes, there's something I like above all the rest: pure emotions. Each single note of "Somewhere Out There" is conceived to communicate an inner feeling, each sound is there to move the listener, to wake up his (or her) soul. Take the instrumental section of this song: grey as a winter sky and blue as the open sea. These musicians master the lost art of delightful contrasts: flute and distorted guitars, solid chords and acoustic embroideries, catchy tunes and unexpected changes. In short: prog heaven.

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