Sunday 27 September 2015

Bedrohung (Flaming Bess, 1979)

One of the last fully symphonic albums released during the '70s, "Tanz der Götter" ("Dance of The Gods", that's to say) has the eclectic and full-bodied approach of the British prog heroes, but also the theatrical and mainly instrumental architecture we find in so many German bands of the same period. The opening track, called "Bedrohung" (something like "Threat" in English) is one of the most representative ones of the band's style.  
The original cover art for "Tanz der Götter".
You'll also find a deluxe edition released in 2005.
Flaming Bess had a rather long story behind them when they finally released their debut album in 1979, and they enriched their progressive palette with new colours coming from the late '70s music: pop-rock, funky, folk, even disco... and still the big picture is definitely prog! Acoustic and electric guitars, pulsing basses, bright piano and up to date synths... all in one box! Flaming Bess also added some spoken passages to this song and to all the other ones in the LP. Fascinating, that's the word.

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