Wednesday 2 September 2015

Ankaret (Kaipa, 1975)

The gracious baroque intro of "Ankaret" ("The Anchor" in English) seems to be the prelude to a classically inspired track. Well no, there's more than this. True, the intro theme comes back and its chamber music measure is one of the highlights of the song. But there are many others: rock, jazzy, choral, even pop moments delight the listener and show how diversified and unpredictable these Swedish musicians were in 1974... and all along their career.

I reckon this is one of the best debut albums ever...

Tomas Eriksson's bass guitar is everywhere and provides a pulsing background to Roine Stolt's guitar and, of course, to Hans Lundin's keyboards. The solos and the interplays between all the musicians are simply perfect and each change intriduces something new. So, if I'm fond of "Ankaret" it's just because it is a brilliant specimen of what progressive rock is in my very, very humble opinion. Waiting for yours...

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