Wednesday 23 September 2015

Labyrinth of Doors (Mechanical Butterfly, 2014)

How many excellent prog bands play and write music out there? Surely more than I can imagine and each time I come across one of them I feel happy... then, of course, I put their music here, in my blog. So let me introduce you to Mechanical Butterfly, an Italian band that actually deserves more and more attention. This track, the instrumental "Labyrinth of Doors", comes from the album "The Irresistible Gravity" and is a spectacular, lushing, still well balanced display of prog. A steampunk background meets a stunning instrumental performance and a perfectly conceived song architecture.

Giuliana Pulvirenti signed this cover art. Another winning point.

A main "fast and furious", heavy mood is enriched here and there by more delicate and somehow Victorian interludes. This is just boiling lava going up and down my spine... so that when I discovered that these musicians live near the Mount Etna I definitely wasn't surprised. Not at all, I daresay. But I bet you'll be all surprised by this dynamic, energetic, blazing piece of music!

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