Tuesday 1 September 2015

Susan Song (Le Stelle di Mario Schifano, 1967)

Le Stelle di Mario Schifano were a short lived band that definitely deserves a special place in my blog. Actually, some of the songs included in their debut LP anticipated the so called Italian prog and even some British prog elements. That's the case with "Susan Song" and its lunar mood: it seems to me like Le Orme five years before their "Collage" album, and it also reminds me of "Moonchild" by King Crimson... and please remember we're in 1967! Of course, there is a strong naive accent in "Susan Song", and the vocals aren't exacly good, but the soft, delicate and even acid atmosphere of this track strikes me.

The extra-rare original red vinyl pressing of the album.

There is also another prog element in this band: their artistic relashionsip with the painter Mario Schifano, who not only gave them his name but also suggested a series of live visual effects and, of course, provided the cover art of their unique studio album, featuring the stars ("Stelle" in Italian) that finished the band's name. They weren't successful in 1967, but we can listen to their songs with a renewed interest now we're... wise after the event!

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