Monday 28 September 2015

Color humano (Almendra, 1969)

The self-titled debut album by Argentinian band Almendra can be considered as an essential brick in the building of South American rock 'n' roll wall. This track, in particular, is the proggest side of such an interesting brick. Not only it was a 9 minutes one, but it was a brave mix of many different moods. A melodic ballad meets a very acid and bluesy electric guitar solo, then a bass guitar and electric guitar interplay before the ballad comes back.

Almendra were going to explore many sides of rock...

Some abrupt changes in the final section add more and more original elements to the song, definitely an unusual combination of colours and sounds. Another good example of the culture medium on which progressive rock was silently growing up in Argentina and in the entire Latin America. Not only Britain, then... we knew that, but another living proof is welcome.

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