Tuesday 29 September 2015

It All Becomes Clearer (Harvest, 2014)

Another band from the 2000s that I actually like very much. This time they're from Spain and this song comes from their album called "Northern Wind". This title says it all, so please don't expect Flamenco rock or sunny, Mediterranean moods: these musicians are on the windy, wintery, all-British side of prog. A classic keyboard-oriented prog meets a celtic female voice and a rather indie rock background. All in all, this music is pleasant and emotionally strong, with clever tempo changes and a good deal of instrumental parts.

This "Northern Wind" was the third studio work by Harvest.

Rough riffs and delicate melodies, essential piano touches and effective chords, these are the main ingredients of a savoury dish, with some good and never too long electric guitar solos to top the pie. These clear and neat sounds seem to me like a cool breeze coming from the sea, a refreshing whiffle announcing the stormy season. Oh, please stop me: I'm getting maudlin!

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