Wednesday 16 September 2015

Tulen Pisara (Fantasia, 1975)

This arcane, atmospheric and somehow disquieting track comes from the only album released by Fantasia, a Finnic band active during the 70s. Their eclectic vein ranges from the romantic accents to the jazzy arrangements, including a good deal of acid guitars. "Tulen Pisara" offers a sweet and rather melancholic sung theme, some interesting vocal harmonies and a liquid instrumental central section that really brings the listener to the lysergic era.

Fantasia disbanded in 1979 releasing only this self-titled work.

The keyboards provide a misty background on which the guitars draw their winding and effective pattern. I sometimes wonder how many prog pearls like this one hid themselves in dusty and forgotten shelves. Disbanded bands, long gone experiments, one-album acts from the end of the world... I'm grateful to all those digging into the prog rock history and giving to those songs a second chance.

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