Friday 11 September 2015

Сарабанд / Saraband (Велислав Иванов / Velislav Ivanov, 2008)

Something dark and calm, this time. If you like rather easy and melancholic neo-prog, this Bulgarian artist should be your cup of tea. I like his minimalist kind of prog, based on good melodies and on atmospheric keyboards. No other instruments, apart Velislav's voice, can be heard in this song, taken from the album "Тъй близко до самия небосвод" (something like "So Close to the Sky Itself" in English).

This dark concept album was the second studio work by Ivanov.

No special effects, no tricky arrangements, no great performances... just a young man, his black and white keys, his morn thoughts and his passion for prog music. I can't exactly say why I'm moved by such a bare song and by someone singing in a language I don't understand, but I'm really touched and this is a good reason enough to put this song in my blog. Even more: I like the whole album and once again, please, don't ask me why. Prog is a mystery and may it stay so.

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