Tuesday 15 September 2015

Far Away (Disperse, 2010)

Poland is currently home to neo-prog and to many other progressive rock variations. A good reason to thank prog fans from that Country, but also an excellent reason to explore the local rock scene and pick up some good songs for my blog. This one, "Far Away", is one of my favourite tracks by Disperse, a young and interesting act. It comes from their debut album called "Journey through The Hidden Gardens", including some average songs and some really good ones, especially this one. It surely will remember you some well known neo-prog bands like IQ and Shadowland, but I think there's a distinctive mix of energy, rough guitars and polite sounds that are worth your attention.

This album also includes some heavier songs.

These musicians surely have a good sense of measure and know how to change the tempos and the moods, how to open new musical landscapes and how to buid up a coherent architecture. I like the way they melt rythmic solutions and melodic themes searching for a perfectly balanced song. A track like this one actually brings me far away the daily, material world and disperse my darkest thoughts. Thank you for that!

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