Sunday 20 September 2015

A Crack in The Ice Part I & II (Adventure, 2009)

Founded by multi-instrumentalist Odd Roar Bakken (playing mainly guitars and keyboards), this Norwegian act is another good example of the Symphonic revival of the 2000s. This "A Crack in The Ice", taken from the album "Beacon of Light", is split into two parts and is a blazing, enjoyable series of tempo changes, instrumental solos and theatrical, melodic sung themes. The vintage prog underground of the song is mixed with a heavy rock soul and a rock opera atmosphere, so that the big picture has its own dense and warm flavour.

Well... that's what I call an epic cover art!

Strangely enough, this suite opens on a fast-tempo basis, then it finds its own calmer and melodic path, on which the guitar and the keys perform alternate and beautiful solos. The lead vocalist has a powerful voice and the backing singers provide an extra energy that I appreciate very much. What else? The Great North strikes again...

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