Tuesday 18 November 2014

The Truth Will Set You Free (The Flower Kings, 2002)

The quintessential Flower Kings, I'd say. A long - very long: more than 30 minutes - and highly variated suite, including melodies and rythmic sections, long instrumental passages and well written sung sections, electronic effects and acoustic corners, fast tempo progressions and calm interludes. There's all an average prog fan is fond of, with some slightly soul vibrations, as usual with Roine Stolt's band. Most of all, IMHO, this is a collection of well found themes, set up in a pleasant and unpredictable frame, where all the parts perfectlt fit in.

This suite opens the double CD "Unfold The Future".

Some of the passages are really original (especially some guitar solos), some other are reminiscent of past prog heroes (ah... those vocal harmonies!), but the entire track has a strong character, a well defined structure, so that one can immediately recognise it. A special mention goes to Hasse Bruniusson's creative percussions: if this huge track's never boring, it's also thanks to him, IMHO.

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