Saturday 8 November 2014

El galope del asturcón (Asturcón, 1981)

Asturcón only released one album in 1981 (recorded in 1980), but the record is probably better known and surely more appreciated today than in its release days. Victor Carrizo, the man behind this project, managed to set up an original collection of pure progressive music with distinctive elements in it. This "El galope del asturcón" (the asturcón is an Asturian pony) is a good example of the strength and even the weirdness of his compositions.

The original LP included six tracks, all very good, IMHO.
Mainly instrumental, the track descibes the animal in its natural environment and finally exalts the beauty and the pride of the asturcón and of the Asturian landscape in a few spoken lines. Naive as it is, this track is a pleasant trip through a colourful land and its abrupt tempo changes give the listeners a delightful surprise. It's a refreshing sip of prog in a rough rock oriented period, not the best way a musician had to get rich... something I always appreciate.

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