Sunday 2 November 2014

Kanaan (Amon Düül II, 1969)

I immediately confess that I'm not into krautrock, especially that kind of krautrock that freely explore the outer limits of the musical Galaxy. But then, as anyone else, I appreciate many tracks from those open minded and uncompromising artists. Amon Düül II are among the best flowers of krautrock golden season. "Kanaan", taken from their debut album "Phallus Dei" (not a politically correct title, I'm afraid), is one of my favourite tracks of theirs. It has an enthralling rythm and begins with a highly creative drumming, then here comes in the sitar giving the right ethnic flavour to the song.

"Kanaan" is the opening track of "Phallus Dei".

The short sung passage is almost a spoken one, but please don't miss the final section, ruled by the electric guitar and ending up with freaky electronic devices in crescendo. That's simply amazing. In four minutes or so, the whole Flower Power world is condensed (the band came out of a hippy commune, after all), with a bonus European point of view. This is also the track I usually recommend for those needing a starting point to a trip into the '70s German rock. An excellent appetizer, I daresay.

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