Thursday, 20 November 2014

Light Elements (Patrick Moraz, 1987)

Here's a synth-prog track by Patrick Moraz, the Swiss keyboardist and one-man band, also famous for his short lived collaboration with Yes. This instrumental opens his album called "Human Interface" and is a very good specimen of symphonic keyboard driven music. It's a perfect depiction of light, like a summer dawn or a distant star approaching, one of those spacey tracks suggesting interstellar trips.

This was the seventh  studio album by Patrick Moraz.

The almost orchestral drums and the effective double lined melody are full of the sense of wonder I appreciate in good electronic music. The little but effective variations are very well found and that's why, even if there's just one melodic loop during the whole song, I'm never bored by it and I seldom re-start my CD reader and take another go to "Light Elements". Moraz really knows how to exploit flushing effects and devilish devices keeping a human soul in his music. Not so easy.

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