Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Cult of Birdman (Blank Manuskript, 2009)

Blank Manuskript come from Austria and their debut album was inspired by the mysteries of Easter Island and titled "Tales from an Island - Impressions from Rapa Nui". This track, in particular, is about the Birdman, so often engraved on Rapa Nui's ancient monuments. I actually like this one, because of its diversity. You'll find melodic passages, jazzy impovisations, atmospheric sections and effective riffs. The concept of the album comes to the foreground during the spoken section, which is part of a longer narrative.

Many guest musicians grace the eight tracks of this album.

Just after this section you'll appreciate an excellent guitar solo, but there are many pleasant moments during this 12 minute song. In particular, I like the piano work and the main riff reprises, matching so well with the rest of the track. The abundance of instruments and their neat sound are also among the strongest points of "The Cult of Birdman". A very good discovery I made with Blank Manuskript, and I do hope you'll like them too.

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