Saturday 22 November 2014

The Crawler (Saens, 2002)

I really like the way Saend take neo-prog standards and enrich them with a series of original ideas, eclectic sources and variated moods. This "The Crawler", taken from the album "Escaping from The Hands of God", is a good specimen of such a musical attitude. It includes some Marillion-like melodic lines, but those are mixed with many other things, including a jazzy intro, some unpredictable piano chords, a warm voice and a collection of tempo changes.

This was the second studio album by Saens.

All the instruments are well exploited, even if the piano does play a central role and the guitars are especially good. No, youcan't be bored by such a song, reminding me a turning stage, always leading to something new. Almost 14 minutes of excellent prog rock, if you ask me.

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