Friday 28 November 2014

La Roca del Diablo (Cai, 1980)

Cai's album "Noche abierta" ("Open Night" in English) is rightly considered as one of the best flowers in Spanish progressive garden and this track, "La Roca del Diablo" (meaning "Devil's Rock") is one of my favourites. The elegant keyboard effects, the melodic and mysterious atmosphere and the changing tempos are but some of the strong points of this instrumental. You'll also find some vague folk passages and a very good choice of interplays and even a slight jazzy orientation.

"Noche abierta" was the second studio album by Cai.

All is done with passion and a great deal of good taste, mixing the classic prog features and the Spanish colour. Listening to this is a good way to spend some 8 minutes and opens a gate to a less known progressive rock coming from early '80s, even before the neo-prog season. A quiet but not peaceful musical trip I surely recommend to you all.

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