Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I Talk to The Wind (King Crimson, 1969)

This blog is full of tracks coming from King Crimson's debut album, but I think such a masterpiece deserves even more than this. "I Talk to The Wind" is a long slow tempo, pastoral, hypnotic ballad I don't need to describe this one, as any prog fan knows it well. I'd like to say instead why I keep on listening to this song, 'cause there are several good reasons for that.

A press photograph for King Crimson's debut album.

First of all, Greg Lake's vocals, so imperturbable and out of this material world, then the woodwind coming in and out the song, just like the real wind Sinfield's lyrics are about. How could I describe the stillness, the ethereal mood of this track? And how could anyone explain the neatness and disarming beauty of the melody? Last but not least, a special mention to Michael Giles' drumming, so soft and effective. In short, I better like to listen once more to this track than to go on talking about it. All in all, I'd talk to the wind...

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