Friday, 7 November 2014

3 Lights (RPWL, 2005)

RPWL are currently one of the most creative bands in Germany, and this track shows how much - and how wll - they can mix different inspirations in order to set up a coherent and well structured track. The first part of "3Lights", taken from the album "World through My Eyes", has a strong Genesis influence, something like Ant Phillips era. It's n acoustic ballad, featuring a good melody and airy, gentle sounds.

This album also includes the single "Roses", sung by Ray Wilson.

Then something changes and we move towards a slow tempo instrumental, based on an almost folk mood, but getting soon a modern and electronic background, until the Floydian electric guitar comes in and a dreamy solo opens the soundscape and draws a brighter atmosphere. The finale is made of sound effects, a psychedelic way to link this song to the following one. As you can see, there are many faces to this "3 Lights", but not even a second in it is dull or useless and everything seems to happen in the very moment we need it. Good guys...

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