Monday 17 November 2014

Esinti (Gevende, 2011)

What an original, even weird music this Turkish band builds up! It seems to me there's a bit of King Crimson and VDGG inside, but all here is actually  unpredictable and modern. This "Esinti" (meaning "Breeze"), taken from the album "Sen balık değilsin ki", is a collection of evanescent emotions, pulsing soundscapes and changing moods. Serkan Emre Çiftçi's trumpet is the trademark of the band, but the rythmic background and the delicate guitar are excellent too. The first section of the song is a dreamy water colour leading to an almost spoken sung performance.

This is the second studio album by Gevende.

The change around minute 4:10 is stunning: we fly from a Crimsonian atmosphere to a Mid-Eastern sung section, ruled by a viola, starting with a pizzicato and soon going into an experimental but never unpleasant melody. And when the main theme comes back, it's via a tough wall of sound including follk and rock instruments. Really, if prog rock means trying new ways, well, this is the proggest thing I can figure out.

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