Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Ruins of A Glass Fortress (Gerard, 2000)

Taken from the same titled album, this mini-suite is another proof of Gerard's skills. Not only these Japanese guys are great composers, but they also offer lavish performances. Take Toshio Egawa's keyboards in this song: they're so different, original and well mixed that one could imagine a whole orchestra is involved. And also the structure of this two-part suite is a treat, with its changes, and the main theme reprises both in instrumental and sung sections.

This was the eighth studio album by Gerard.

Here I can't omit a special mention to the guest singer Jean-Luc F.Nazaki, whose suggestive voice adds an arcane mood to the track and to the trio line-up of Gerard. Of course, when the keys go on fast arpeggios in the second half of part 2, well, my prog ears celebrate... yes, the celebrate for real!

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