Tuesday 11 November 2014

Suite per il Sig. K (Jumbo, 1972)

Here's a beautiful and somehow  unusual specimen of Italian prog suite from the '70s, taken from the album "DNA". This "Suite per il Sig. K" ("Suite for Mr.K", in English) in divided into three parts, titled "Sta accadendo qualcosa dentro me" ("Something is happening inside me"), "Ed ora corri" ("Run, now") and "Dio è" ("God Is"). The music is alternatively sweet and rough, with many traditional prog features like the rock flute solos, but also with many original ideas.

"DNA"was the second studio album by Jumbo.

One of these surely is the bluesy and passionate vocal performance, and another one is the country smell of some sung sections. But I also recommend the acoustic interludes, the free and almost acid electric guitar, the jazzy organ and the clever transitions between the different moods involved in the suite. Nothing too elaborate, but each moment in this song is intense and effective. Probably a less known side of Italian prog, but a very interesting one.

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