Thursday, 6 November 2014

Le cerf volant (Atoll, 1977)

Among the many good tracks released by this French band, I decided tointroduce in my blog this instrumental and relaxing one, taken from the album "Tertio", a rather accessible LP, compared with its precedessors. The first and most important reason of my choice is the spacey, atmosferic and hypnotic mood of the song, bravely exploring all the arcane features of a genre that, back in1977, seemed to belong to history.

The title says it all: "Tertio" was Atoll's third album.

But Atoll still had so much to say and to play, as this magic essay proves very well. Electronic keyboards and an elegant electric guitar are the main features of "Le cerf volant", but I also like André Balzer's delicate and variated drumming. The whole song perfectly depicts the flight of a kite (that's the meaning of the song title in English) high in a blue sky, and the sense of freedom it always suggests. More than a song, this is a vivid, persistent kind of dream.

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